About Us

FFOPS is the only voluntary organization in the Wales that is providing this service to families and friends and ex-offenders who have come into contact with the criminal justice system.

Our History

FFOP’s was formed in 1996 in response to the lack of support available to the families and friends of people from South Wales serving prison sentences in the UK.

It was set up by a group people with personal and professional involvement in the cause who were driven by a change in the probation service. This change resulted in removing the social element of the support and resulted in a different ethos, leaving a substantial gap in the support offered.

The founders brought a variety of skills to the organisation and have been influential, alongside volunteers and more recently staff, in ensuring that FFOP’s continues to grow and develop and answers the changing needs of the families.

One of the greatest acknowledgements of our development can be seen by the recognition we have gained through operating the Visitor Centre at HMP Swansea.


Structure and Governance

FFOPs are the only organisation providing this service in South Wales who is registered with the Charity Commission.

Registered as:-

‘South West Wales Family and Friends of Prisoners – charity number 1054204’

With the object of:

The relief of poverty, sickness and distress and the education and training of persons who are subject to or have suffered a legal restriction on their liberty in any penal or correctional establishment and the wives children and defendants of such persons being in need.

Changing face from a Charity to an Incorporation

The trustees are currently working towards incorporation of the charity and it is anticipated that upon completion the following shall be the new object registered with the Charity Commission, with the aims and objectives of the charity remaining the same.